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Opportunity Mocks is all about what is being done to our world. And, since you’re reading this, I’m pretty sure you know what I mean. My goal with this newsletter is to wake up more people.

Is there really a conspiracy? To me, the answer is obvious. Especially when you pay attention to the mainstream news media. Oh, the spin! As they twist and distort reality.

Many of my articles will have a serious tone; others will lean toward sarcasm or humour. I believe humour is a good way to reach those who’ve not yet awakened. If you find my articles intriguing or entertaining, please SUBSCRIBE! And SHARE!

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Publishing Frequency

Publishing frequency will be dependent upon the level of interest, indicative in the number of Subscribers I get. I do promise to put my heart into it, as I believe we are fighting for our freedom, and ultimately our very lives.

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Conspiracies and Other Funny Business


I observe government, politics, culture & media and offer commentary using images, videos and written articles. My message is serious. But I offer some fun, too. Is there really a conspiracy to enslave us all? Let's find out.